Our Story

 Hello and welcome to Lifeblend! I’m Health Coach Drew, and you may know me from my popular smoothie-based eating plans. For years, I’ve been supporting clients on their journey to better health and a slimmer waistline. 

While a healthy eating plan is the foundation of a weight loss program, many of my clients were looking for extra support. They wanted supplements that could provide convenient nutrition, boost their fat burning potential, and help them look and feel their best!

After reviewing countless product lines that were full of junky ingredients, I realized that if I wanted to offer my clients the best supplements, I had to create them myself.

Lifeblend was born from my passion to support your wellness journey in every way possible. I wanted to offer you a line that was free of everything you don’t want in your supplements and packed with science-backed ingredients that will really improve your health! 

Now with our premier product, Balance, you have a quality collagen protein plus the metabolic support you need to reach your weight loss goals. 

I know you will love our first product, and we look forward to expanding our line to become your trusted source for nutritional supplements, eating plans, nutrition information and much more. This is just the beginning, and I’m so glad you’re here for it!

 A Healthier You Starts Here.

Health Coach Drew